A Poem.

A Poem.

The world has been in chaos, changing, evolving, in a state of destruction and rebuilding. In this time I’ve been painting, writing, reflecting, and trying to find words or actions to express all I feel. I’ve been working on a collection of poetry and wanted to share one of the poems I wrote recently.

Why Don’t You See Us?

You stay in the sun to tan, to have our skin,

You get injections and surgeries to have our bodies ,

You get braids and dreads to have our hair, but you don’t see us.

You use our stories, our history for your tv shows and movies but you don’t want our lives.

You listen to our music, buy our music and profit from our music.

You use our strength and athleticism to play your games, but you why don’t you see us?

You use our intellect and hard work to solve your problems.

You use our hands to heal the sick and care for the wounded but you still don’t see us. How do you not see us?

You want what we have to offer, but you don’t want our lives. You don’t want our pain because you know its there.

You don’t want our tragedies, because you’ve seen them happen.

You don’t want our suffering, but you want our beauty, our culture, our magic.

You know what has happened to us. You don’t want our lives because you know what we’ve been through.

You know what we’re still going through.

We have fought your wars, marched for our lives, screamed for our freedom and yet you still don’t see us.

You don’t want our lives but we do.

We want life, we deserve life, we deserve to be who we are because like you we are human, we are people, and our lives matter.

Our brothers lives matter. Our sisters lives matter. Our parents lives matter. Our children’s lives matter. My live matters.

So our hair, our bodies, our stories, our music, our minds, our strength, our culture, everything we are, you don’t deserve not until you see us.

You can’t have it. It doesn’t belong to you. It must be earned. It must be earned because we matter.

So why don’t see us?

Tara Patrice

Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me

Hi there, I’m Tara Patrice. Painter, photographer, lover of vintage, and DIY creative. Welcome to my site. I’ve always wanted to have a blog but never gave myself the time to do so. I attempted one years ago and I wish I would’ve stuck with it, but the universe (really just me) had other plans and now I’ve come full circle with more experience to give this another go.

For some time I’ve had people ask me for style advice, travel tips, interior design tips, etc. Working full time in visual merchandising I would give advice when I could, but I was so focused on taking those vacation days I didn’t even think of blogging. I only thought about moving my way up corporate ladder and never believed in myself enough to have my own blog, let own my business. After taking the leap to work for myself I felt the need to also share more of my experiences and my journey with everyone.

Travel Bug

My parents instilled the travel bug in me since I was very young. Starting with moving from New Jersey to California before I turned 2 years old. Traveling back and forth from California to New Jersey to visit family made it easier to get over any fear of planes. And with the trip being 5-6 hours each time it made longer flights even easier. One long flight being my trip to Germany when I was 16 for an exchange program. My eyes were opened to so much tradition, culture, food, and from there wanting to travel became more important to me. Now when traveling, trying new restaurants has become one of the main reasons I do it. I LOVE food! Everywhere I go I get to experience new foods, new recipes, and new ways of experiencing classic dishes.


My love of fashion started fairly young as well. I remember drawing outfits for my family and designing outfits on the Barbie game and Sims on the computer. I just loved that people were able to express who they were simply through clothing. I was always someone who tried new things and thought outside the box with how I dressed. Sometimes even sewing my own clothes or reconstructing things I bought at the thrift store. Before actually thinking of myself as an artist I feel I was first a designer.


I also loved to draw growing up. When I was little I would lay in my driveway and draw the things around me. Whether it was a car, the mountains behind our house, or the neighbors dog. I would just find anything that interested me and draw it. As I got older my confidence dwindled and I didn’t focus on my art again until a few years ago. And once I did I realized how it plays such a big part of who I am and also my happiness. It’s been my outlet and my way of connecting with people who I may not have otherwise.

So thank you for going on this journey with me. I hope you are able to take away something that helps you in your everyday life and helps you find more of who you are in the process.

XO XO, Tara Patrice