Hello Again! I’m Tara Patrice. A painter, photographer, and designer. I love vintage, thrift shopping, and finding DIY projects do. I love to travel and recently began my yoga journey.

I’ve always wanted to have a blog but never gave myself the time to do so. I attempted one years ago and I wish I would’ve stuck with it, but the universe (really just me) had other plans and now I’ve come full circle with more experience to give this another go.

For some time I’ve had people ask me for style advice, travel tips, interior design tips, etc. Working full time in visual merchandising I would give advice when I could, but I was so focused on taking those vacation days I didn’t even think of blogging. I only thought about moving my way up corporate ladder and never believed in myself enough to have my own blog, let own my business.

So now I’ve given myself the time and the courage to embrace my love of Disney, Harry Potter, and all things magical while also pursuing my own path and creating my business.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I hope I can add a little magic to you day.

XOXO, Tara. *TheMagicHeARTist

“Must simply have courage and be kind…”