Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer

So I started a TikTok. Wasn’t sure about because honestly I didn’t understand the app at first and I feel like I’m learning something new about Instagram all the time, so I was nervous about using another app, but its pretty fun. My first post is about my DIY Jewelry organizer.

I used a large dish stacking shelf that I got from Walmart, but you can get these for cheap from the Target, $1 store, Marshalls, or Homegoods.

When purchasing check to make sure you’re able to take the legs of easily or can remove them with tools you may have at home.

In terms of mounting I drilled nails into the wall and used them as hooks to hang the shelf on.

Once its mounted, make sure its secure, add your jewelry and you’re all set! (By the way the “brick wall” in the photo I painted myself. Helped keep me busy in quarantine.)

For more in depth steps on creating this organizer or if you want to know how I painted the brick wall leave comment or send me message! Happy crafting!

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