Escape to Skopje

Escape to Skopje

My trip to Skopje, North Macedonia was one of the most unexpectedly amazing trips I’ve been on. One of my closest friends is from there and invited me. The food was amazing, the architecture was beautiful, and getting to know her family and background made it even better. Here’s a quick recap of my favorite spots.

Macedonia Square

Being an artist I love to take in all the different types of architecture and design everywhere I go. Macedonia Square is a hub of Classical-style monuments, statues, and buildings. One side of square has the modern feel of an outdoor mall with restaurants, bars, and an amazing statue of Alexander the Great that features light beams, music, and a large mosaic at the base. It’s definitely worth seeing, both in the day and at night.

There’s so much to see within a small radius of the Alexander the Great statue. Some of those things being the Stone Bridge, Memorial House of Mother Teresa, and the Macedonia Opera and Ballet. And for those of you who like staying close to everything there’s a Marriott right in the center of it all so you don‘t have to look too hard for accommodations.

Canyon Matka

Canyon Matka was gorgeous. I didn’t know what to expect and even though it was a bit chilly that day the cold didn’t take away from the beautiful surroundings.

The sun was shining, reflecting on the water, and the canyon just made me feel like nothing else existed. For my hikers I would definitely recommend coming here as there is a trail you can go up that gets steeper and steeper (and doesn’t seem to end). There’s also a really cute cafe/restaurant, a hotel, and canoeing. I would love to go back when its warmer and experience more of the Canyon and get the chance to go on a boat and do a cave tour. For in depth tips on visiting Canyon Matka check out Travel Tom Tom’s posts.

Old Bazaar

Like most of my trips trying new food and eating any chance I get is probably the most important for me. Walking around the Old Bazaar we stumbled on an outdoor restaurant with some of the best, fresh cucumber salad I’ve ever had. It may seem simple but sometimes simple is better and I ate so much. And an upside to wanting to eat so much is the US Dollar is worth more over there. Imagine a world where you can pay $25 for a 3 course meal for 3 people including beer! Well that world is in Skopje. My friend and I exchanged all this money thinking we would need it, but we barely spent anything. So another bonus, to the good food, beautiful views, historic architecture, and fun night life you won’t have to break the bank when to enjoy your trip.

XOXO, Tara Patrice

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